January 2015

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27 Jan Low Cost Smartphones by Nokia

More details are emerging about Microsoft's lowest priced Nokia 435 smartphone, initially announced on January 14, 2015. According to an AFP report, reprinted in yesterday's DailyFT, two new Nokia Lumia smartphones, the 435 and the 532, will launch in February 2015 in markets including  Asia (and possibly Sri Lanka, although... READ MORE
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25 Jan Alibaba shares fall 3%

Shares of Alibaba have fallen more than 3% following the release of a Chinese government report, held back so as to not impact its recent, multibillion-dollar IPO, which noted that the company's Taobao Marketplace had not only failed to provide proper oversight, facilitating a number of illegal activities, but... READ MORE
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20 Jan The Amazon Wallet beta

Online retailer Amazon has terminated its mobile payments initiative, the Amazon Wallet beta, following six months of efforts. CNET reports that this most recent failure adopting the mobile payments platform follows Silicon Valley's continued struggles to expand into a what is seen as a "lucrative" financial sector. Also pointed... READ MORE