An Inside Look at TripAdvisor

“Social media officially took over travel in 2010—or so the scientists say. That is the year, according to the Cornell study, that “guest experience mentioned in customer reviews” became the factor most frequently cited by consumers in surveys about the process of choosing a hotel“. - Tom Vanderbilt, March, 2015

On the eve of the launch of “Neighborhoods”, Outside Magazine has published a think piece on ‘category killer’ TripAdvisor, the online site that features reviews of around 890,000 hotels, in more than 45 countries, while adding 115 more comments per minute, resulting in over 200 million user reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to date (as well as the largest collection of user-generated travel photos in the world).


Interestingly, this feature story also highlights a study by US-based Cornell University, which concluded that, “for every percentage point a hotel improves its online reputation, its ‘RevPAR’ (revenue per available room) goes up by 1.4%; for every point its reputation improves on a five-point scale, a hotel can raise prices by 11% without seeing bookings fall off”.

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