New on-body detection smart lock mode for android

Google is trying out a smart lock feature on a number of Android phones called “on-body detection”, according to fan-site


According to’s description, this smart lock “uses your accelerometer to figure out when your device is in your hand or pocket, and lock when it’s not. The idea being if you leave your phone sitting on a table or forget it somewhere, it will lock, preventing would-be thieves from easily accessing your data. Once you unlock your phone, it will stay  unlocked while you’re holding it or it’s in your pocket. Once you set it down, it will lock again. Picking it back up requires you to manually unlock it (assuming you’re not using another trusted authenticator factor). If you hand the phone to someone else while it’s unlocked, it will not lock – the feature isn’t able to recognize that you specifically are holding the phone. It just knows when the phone is being held / pocketed and when it isn’t”.

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