India’s Modi launches Twitter Samvad

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, known for his active presence on Twitter has teamed up with the social media network to launch a new service to boost e-governance in the world’s largest democracy. The service, called Twitter Samvad was unveiled by him and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo last Tuesday and will allow government officials to tweet via SMS.


India, under Modi has encouraged the nation to transform into a digitally empowered society. Modi himself has 10.9 million followers on Twitter and is the second most followed politician. U.S. President Barack Obama leads the race.


By enabling tweets to be sent out as an SMS, any Indian with a mobile device, with or without a data plan, is able to receive messages from political leaders and government bodies. Mobile users can activate the service through a missed call to an assigned phone number.


So far, a total of 16 political leaders and ministries are linked up to Twitter Samvad. Modi was the first leader to kick off the service.

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