Sri Lanka Army to go digital from April 1

Sri Lanka’s Army has finally committed to going fully digital in terms of its “Daily Mail Dispatch Service”, setting its sights on a full migration by April 1, 2015, according to an announcement appearing in state-owned


According to the announcement, “The new Digital System thus facilitates the dispatch of a document from one institute to another or multiple institutes, ability to insert an individual authoritative signature for a document and relocate a datelined or any other past document with necessary references, if any, transmission of any official memorandum or notice to all in one institute or to any specific individual by name, possibility for storing as archives with date or any other tag identification as necessary, operability from any office or anywhere in the country with the registered password or user name and maintenance of the security of documents”.


It also added that the “project, which would considerably cut down the cost, hitherto incurred for stationery, dispatch time, use of man hours, telecom charges, decision-making and use of other resources, also ensures efficiency, confidentiality and security in documents since no outsiders, could thus have any access to such data networks, as has been the practice in many large organizations both here and abroad”.

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