High tech baby gadgets for modern parenting

They say parenting is a joy. Maybe so, but it is also hard work. And many parents would find any excuse to park their kids in front of a TV or even hand them an iPad to keep them ‘busy’ for a while, despite been told several times that this form of distraction can be bad for the kid.


But now, technology can be more than just a distraction for your kid and lots of new ‘baby tech’ products are out there and they’re aimed at helping parents relieve some of the stresses of parenthood.


Some of these are self-warming baby bottles, high-tech baby monitors, and “smart” onesies, all designed to meet your parenting needs.


Cool Mom Tech’s Liz Gumbinner, MoMath president Glen Whitney, and The Verge’s own Ben Popper share this video on how these baby tech gadgets can keep babies ‘busy’.

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