What lies beneath… Size does matter

There used to be a time when lingerie was considered a hush, hush conversation that well-brought-up young ladies absolutely did not discuss in company. But this is the 21st century and with a little help from some great ad campaigns, i.e. Victoria’s Secret and Marilyn Monroe, the world has started to embrace the concept that ‘it was what was on the inside that mattered – not the outside’ (literally).


The lingerie business boomed from being discreetly tucked away in the corner of a store to smack-bang in the middle of everywhere creating a lifestyle around it that made it more of a statement as opposed to a necessity. Lingerie went from demure and delicate pastels to super sexy blacks, hot pinks, fuschia’s, emerald greens, turquoise blues (and let’s not forget the reds). Bras went from being basic matter of fact, practical underwear from Fruit of the Loom to Balconettes, Bandeaus, push-ups, multiways, racer backs, stick-ons and the whole nine yards (not literal) all the way from La Perla in Italy to Victoria’s Secret in New York.


In an industry that is evolving rapidly in terms of design and marketing concepts, brands in the industry have found that they have to start thinking outside the box every single time in order to stay one step ahead of the competition and as with all things ‘21st century’, lingerie manufacturers have turned from lace and satin to technology in order to push the envelope a little further.


Gone are the days that you walked into store tried on 15 different things until you found the perfect fit. You can still do all that; but with just a click of a button.


True & Co. is an online company that helps women get the best fit for their bras. The website works off a questionnaire where customers are asked a series of questions, an algorithm suggests 30 possible options from which the customer chooses five to be sent home without charge and eventually pays for those that she wants to keep. In the two years since the company started collecting data, the developers have been hard at work trying to piece together the information they have received to date to help narrow down to the best match and with revenues up 600% in a few months, this goes to show that research always pays off.


If you think you’ve just about heard the most unusual way to buy lingerie, think again; ThirdLove is an app developed by former Google employee Heidi Zak after realizing how body measurement, even those taken by professionals, are extremely fickle and can easily ruin your attempt to find the best fitting lingerie. ThirdLove’s patented computer vision technology allows your iPhone to act as a body scanner to measure your body and after taking pictures of your front and profile, the app works out your bra size…for the perfect bra.

Have we caught your attention yet?


A company called Curvessense solved the ultimate problem that almost every woman has either learned to live with or live without – an underwire! The bra is built with nylon polymers that are sculpted to the woman’s chest and remembers her shape in order to adapt the customer’s exact needs. Priced at around $200 for a bra, $120 for panties and $500 for bodysuits, this upscale brand is changing the game!


Well ladies, all said and done, I love what technology is offering here and I appreciate the options, but it will be a cold day in hell the day I let technology take away the fun, mayhem and therapy only a giggly shopping spree with the girls can deliver!

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