Lanka Harness to set up factory in Mexico

In a bid to expand their global foot print, Lanka Harness Company, the first Sri Lankan company to embark on a 1PPM, will invest US$ 5 million to set up a factory in Mexico.


Executive chairman, Rohan Pallewatta says that his company makes impact sensors for automobile airbags and seat belts, the device that gives the signal for the air bag to pop out on impact.


Lanka Harness Company is also a successful outsourcing solutions provider for automobile component manufacturers worldwide and boasts of an annual turnover of US$ 25 million.


Pallewatta added that his company is now clearing the legal hurdles to start their investment. “We are on course to open the factory in January.”


He said that they are currently supplying products to Mexico and with growing demand they have decided to set up a factory. “This would also help to reduce our logistic costs such as transport,” he said.


He also added that they are reinvesting to build a second factory in Biyagama to increase their exports to Japan, Germany, Romania, Poland, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Brazil and Mexico.

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