Facebook Testing Out Profile Tags

It appears that Facebook has started testing out LinkedIn style profile tags.


This new feature will allow you or your friends to add tags to your profile, which you have to approve before they can be seen publicly. You can type pretty much anything you want in the tags, even emojis. The tags basically, would be short descriptions of you, like ‘thinker’, ‘artist’, ‘rockstar’ and so on. Once you have been tagged, you will receive a notification about the tag prompting you to accept or decline. If you accept, they will be visible to the public, and friends can ‘like’ your tags, which will then arrange themselves in descending order of likes.


Facebook confirmed that it was testing the tags out with the following statement: “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into”.


It is still unclear how and why tags will be used, and there is no word on if it will be tested in other countries yet.



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