Sri Lankan Internet Penetration Grows

According to Statista, a statistics portal, Internet penetration in Sri Lanka has grown significantly over the past few years.


In the first quarter of 2015, numbers have reached 24%, nearly a quarter of the population. Since the end of the civil war, the growth is rate currently at 9%. Social media is probably the most accessed part of the Internet now, with most Facebook users checking their account more than eight times a day.


Sri Lankans are getting much more comfortable with seeing the Internet as a marketplace as well. There is a lot more purchasing of movie tickets online, as well as shopping off of eBay, Amazon, and Kapruka as consumers show more confidence in the use of credit cards for online purchases, although many Sri Lankan ecommerce services still offer cash on delivery.


With much more investment happening in Sri Lanka by Internet startups, these numbers are expected to grow and we are expected to see a huge boom in Internet-related startups and online marketplaces by early next year.

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