Architect Amanda Goonetilleke Shares What’s on Her Phone


Amanda Goonetilleke



Architect / Home Baker


What sort of phone do you use?

I use an iPhone 5


What are the apps you’re most dependent on?

WhatsApp, the Mail app that comes with the iPhone, and the Notes app.


What’s your most recently downloaded app?

Most recently would be CamCard. When someone gives you a business card, the app scans the card and updates the information on your contact book. It makes business cards obsolete because you don’t know what to do with the card afterwards. All the information is already on your phone.


What’s the weirdest app you have?

There’s a app called Moment Cam. It’s a silly app. 
It creates caricatures of different people. We use it a lot for birthday cards in office. Apart from that, the weirdest app I have is Charades.


Are there any apps that help you in architecture?

The Sketch Pad and also EverNote. To start with EverNote, I mostly use it when I go to sites. I can take photographs and immediately write a note at the bottom. The app lets me convert everything into an email in the order that the pictures were taken so I can easily send it to a client. And I can edit PDF versions of documents easily.


Note: The Sketch Pad lets users doodle, sketch, draw, write lists or memos and incorporates pictures into notes as well.


In addition, I also use DoPDF, an app that lets me open the drawings and make notes directly on them.


I also have an AutoCAD app on my iPad. I can’t draw on it but can check the dimensions while onsite. And PowerPoint so that I can edit any last minute things before presenting something to a client.


Invariably, we need to know the directions when on site in case of Vasta (Shastra) because many clients are really particular about things like that, so I use the compass.


There’s a lot of traveling to do in my profession so I use Google Maps. All the locations are different. So most often I have to follow Google Maps to get there. And I have the currency converter – XE


What sort of app would you like to see developed?

There’s one app that helps to take measurement. You keep your phone on one wall and walk to the next wall and tap your phone on that, and do it with all the walls and the app maps the room out. This is supposed to measure a room and move with the bends etc., but sometimes the dimensions are off. Since we need to do a lot of measured drawings, an app like this that works more accurately.


And If there’s something that should be developed, it should be something like or Kayak but a localised version. Like Yamu. An app that will track your GPS and say you’re in Colombo, and these are the things you can do and here’s where you can stay etc.


Note: Google Now actually does something like this. It’s automatically built into Nexus and is available as an app for both Android and iPhone. Apart from suggesting activities, and restaurants based on your location, the app also combs through your gmail, calendar and contacts to put together your day and to-do list automatically. Very creepy and very useful.

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