Code for Good Hackathon in September

To promote the greater use of ICT for social impact, Colombo will host an event called ‘Code for Good’. Representatives of NGOs, ICT sector, young developers, designers and entrepreneurs will form teams to create technology-infused solutions to important social problems that we face today. The event will take place from September 18.


Non-government organisations, social entrepreneurs and businesses are increasingly incorporating technology-based strategies, using computer software, mobile phone apps and websites to create solutions to problems and challenges we face in our society.


For example, in Egypt, the HarrassMap project lets citizens upload details of sexual harassment and generates a map that reveals hotspots where harassment has occurred across Egypt.


The ‘Fix My Street‘ app creates a direct conduit between citizens and their local councils. If a citizen notices a problem – such as garbage not being collected, or pot holes that need attention, they can use this app to take a photo and submit it to the relevant authorities. Once the council fixes the problem, the website is updated and a message is sent out to the citizen who made the report, indicating that the problem has been solved.


Likewise, mobile phone apps can be created to enable people to report problems in their communities and Code for Good is encouraging entrepreneurs to take part in this event for social change.


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