Google Changes Look of Search Results App

Google has been working on how it highlights mobile apps in its search results and now Android users performing Google searches on the web will notice a change in how apps are showing up in search results. When you searched for app before, they were listed one-by-one with each app on its own line followed by a link. The new search result feature shows the recommended apps in a prominent, colourful, grid pattern right on top of the page. It looks like an app store itself.


The search update was spotted by a number of bloggers and users, though no formal announcement about the change was made by Google. The change appears to be inspired by Google’s Material Design style and is pretty eye catching.


The new arrangement of app results do not have descriptions next to it, so you will have to visit the store to see what the app really does. Having the apps next to each other in boxes also happens to show the varying icon designs which often don’t sit well next to each other.


Google has been making several changes to integrate mobile applications into Google Search results as it goes increasingly mobile. If you were searching for a particular recipe, Google could link you to an app that offered the recipe that matched your search. It can also link you straight to the page within the app with the recipe. Not all users can see this new feature which means Google may be rolling it out slowly, but you can test it out for yourself by searching for any term followed by the word “apps” on Google from your Android device.


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