SLT promotes broadband islandwide

SLT promotes broadband islandwide

On the 1st of October, Sri Lanka Telecom began its islandwide broadband  campaign, ‘Rata Wata’, and will run through the month of October. The main purpose of the campaign was to emphasise the available Internet options provided by SLT Broadband under the theme “SLT Speed Up” and to raise awareness about SLT Broadband.


SLT is expanding their broadband offerings with Optical Fibre, 4G LTE, and ADSL and is trying to make their services more affordable and available to more homes and businesses.


Some of the offerings of the campaign are the Smartline Fibre Optic connections at a 50% discounted price for Rs. 12,500/- with a free Wi-Fi router, cordless phone in addition to standard phone. There’s also Megaline (wired) and 4G LTE (wireless) connections that have been discounted over 50% and offered for just Rs. 2,900/- and upwards that come with a free Wi-Fi router. Also the upgrading of Citylink CDMA connections to 4G LTE or Megaline at just Rs. 1,900/- including free Wi-Fi routers. All these offers include installment payment plans. PEO TV option is available with Smartline and Megaline connections. There’s also 50% free data available for all new broadband connections in the following month.


“We are happy that our senior management including all chief officers, general managers, deputy general managers and other staff members –all are equally contributing to this effort and being a part of this campaign to achieve our objectives. I wish Sri Lanka Telecom and this campaign success,” said the chairman of SLT, Mr. Kumarasinghe Sirisena at the launch of the campaign.


“Introduction of new technology to the company alone is not enough, we need to take it out to the customers as well. The customer is very important to us at SLT and it is why I am so pleased with this promotional campaign. It is my wish that we aim high and achieve the goals that have been set out for this campaign,” stated CEO Mr. Dileepa Wijesundera.

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