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Akhry Ameer Shares What’s on His Phone


Akhry Ameer



Multi-skilled professional


What sort of phone do you use?

An iPhone 5c. I’m planning to move to an iPhone 6 soon.


What are your top five most used apps?

Top of the list would be the Mail app. I use the app that comes inbuilt into iOS. I also use the Apple Calendar, Reminders and Notes apps. And I use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for most of my general communication.


What’s your most recently downloaded app?

WeChat. Because I had to communicate with someone in China which basically restricts you to using WeChat.


WeChat is a Chinese communication app that reportedly has 549 million monthly active users (compared to Facebook messenger which has 600 monthly active users). It functions differently to most regular communication apps in that it’s more than a messaging platform. Users (be it a person or company) can create official accounts or profiles to access features such as direct messaging, voice messaging, payments and location. What’s most unique about this is that unlike other social media, it works in China. (source).


Are there any apps that help your work?

I wear several hats in terms of work and work in several different industries. For event coordination and event set up, I use the level metre, which is part of Apple’s Compass app. I also do sound engineering and use an app called The Analyzer, which helps to balance sound levels without needing other gadget or tools. When I rally race, I use an app called Rally Meter, which gives a lot of relevant GPS data related to rally racing.


I do a lot of adventure travel in large groups, where I use an app called Tricount to keep track of expenses and divvy up costs etc. It’s something like an expense manager. I also use MotionX-GPS when travelling.


My last hat is that of a public speaking and communications trainer where I lecture at both university and corporate levels. Most of the books I use are in iBook format so that I can access them on my phone, whenever I need to recall information fast.


I also user a power point viewer – PresentPerfect which lets me go through my slides and notes while en route to a venue. The app also acts as a power point clicker so I can remotely move from one slide to the next on my computer via the app on my phone.


The Analyzer app combines a sound pressure level metre with a full range multiple bands frequency analyser which is built for “audio professionals who need to evaluate different working environments, i.e. studios, live stages etc.” (source)


Rally Meter – Dubbed “the definitive tool for regularity rally racing,” Rally Meter offers “all the information needed by the co-pilot.” Be it an ideal distance visor with a chronograph or elapsed time or advanced/delayed distance display or reverse mode to subtract the distance lost or an odometer” (source). Basically, it meets all your rally racing needs.


Tricount is an expense manager specifically built for managing and splitting group costs and bills. “You can create your group expense reports directly on the phone during an activity and the app will calculate all the money owed and debt of everyone in the group.When you’re ready to share the final breakdown, the app sends each person a link to Tricount’s site to review the data,” (source).


MotionX-GPS has been called the “#1 iPhone app” by Backpacker Magazine and the “Best Outdoor App” by about.com. The app is for people who bike, hike, ski, snowboard, run, paddle board, sail, row, fly, geocache and do other similar sports. It includes free downloadable maps including MotionX Road, terrain maps and NOAA marine charts, offers unlimited downloading of maps for offline use, the ability to save tracks and way points and an advanced interactive stop watch and live voice coaching. (source).


PresentPerfect helps you “make the best presentation in your lifetime,” according to the app’s website. The app allows you to attach your iPhone or iPad to an external screen or projector to display a presentation without a PC or wires or extra setting. And you can control your presentation wirelessly over local Wi-FI (no Internet needed) when doing the presentation. (source).


What’s the app you’re most dependent on?

If I had to pick one app, it would definitely be the Mail app.


What sort of app would you like to see developed?

There isn’t a particular app that I want but I would like to see more integrated apps. For example, I still have a lot of problems integrating my notes with my reminders etc., so an app that connects between reminders, calendars and notes would be great.

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