Amazon Retails Own Clothing Line

Amazon Retails Own Clothing Line

Amazon is well known for diversifying. Not only do they sell books and retail goods, they also make phones, tablets and speakers. Now, they may add clothing to that list and the company is considering producing its own line of clothing to fill in gaps in the marketplace.


“For Amazon, we know our customers love brands, many of the brands in this room…and that’s where the lion’s share of our business comes from. When we see gaps — when certain brands have actually decided for their own reasons not to sell with us — our customer still wants a product like that,” said Amazon Fashion’s vice president of clothing, Jeff Yurcisin.


Amazon Fashion is a division in the company dedicated to reaching out to big-name clothing lines to sell on the online retail site, such as CK and Levis. But some clothing manufacturers have been reluctant to work with Amazon due to its low margins and aggressive cost cutting. So if a brand doesn’t work with Amazon the company seems ready to sell its own version of the products under a different name. This also allows for higher profit margins.

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