Google to merge Chrome and OS

Google will merge Android and Chrome OS

It appears that Google’s two operating systems will become one. Chrome OS is going to be combined with Android, and the new OS could be revealed in a year, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Chrome is being mixed into Android because Android has emerged as the dominant operating system by a long stretch. Combined the two OS’s means that Android will run on laptops and desktop computers which will require many changes. It would also have to support the Google Play Store. Chromebooks will receive a new name as well.


A preview is likely to be demonstrated at the Google I/O next year and marks an effort at Google to reduce the number of platforms it has to maintain. The new OS may be released sometime in 2017. While this is a surprising move – Chromebooks have been pushed fairly aggressively and are receiving good reviews – it is easy to see where the decisions are coming from.


Sundar Pichai, who now leads Google, was in charge of both Chrome and Android two years ago and he has made moves to bring the two operating systems closer together. He has also included support for Android apps inside of Chrome OS.


Google has also revealed a convertible Android laptop last month called the Pixel C. Chromebooks are, in essence, ultra mobile laptops and carry out most of their functions on the Internet and in the browser, so it makes sense to simply combine the two OS’s since their functions are fairly close. Android too has high market share and is very well accepted as a brand. It already runs well on high end tablets and it shouldn’t be too much of a push to see it on a laptop, especially when combined with Chrome OS.

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