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Weekend Roundup of Tech News

In this week’s bite-sized round up of the most prominent tech news, Google and Facebook stay on top, pretty much as they do every week. I honestly think they make it a point to be in the news as much as they can. They probably have an army of little elves releasing bits of news every other day. Sri Lanka too, gets a slice of the pie because it is ICT Week, and we now get Google Traffic (woot!)


  1. Google has started showing you “app-first” content in Google Search as well as “streaming” apps that you don’t have installed. If you do a search for hotel rooms, for instance, you may get results from a hotel booking app. You can then stream that app (without needing to install it) to make the booking within it.


  1. Google Traffic finally comes to Sri Lanka. By clicking on the Traffic overlay on your left, you can see traffic congestion on the streets. Heavily congested areas are marked in red and an even darker red for complete blocks. Green indicates moving traffic.


  1. Facebook releases a new tool that eases your breakups. Once you change your relationship status, Facebook will prompt you to decide on how much of your ex you will see on your News Feed, how much your ex will see of you, and how much of the both of you your friends would see. An awkward tool for an awkward situation.





  1. Nvidia announces its Shield Tablet K1 with a significant drop in price. You can get your hands on the tablet for $199 which is $100 less than its predecessor. There are a few things dropped in this model (no more stylus) but it is still a great tablet for that kind of money.


  1. Elon Musk turns to Twitter to recruit engineers for Tesla. How’s that for totally bypassing HR. Elon doesn’t Musk around. (sorry, couldn’t resist that).


  1. Microsoft releases a new version of its Windows 10 Mobile. This version (build 10586) has improvements to messaging and downloading of games while fixing a few issues with Start.




  1. Vine now lets you take the audio off of a clip that you like and remix it to make yourself famous using someone else’s jam. Just kidding, Vine credits the song to the original creator. But you can click on a link to find a feed full of remixes which is a great way to find new content.


  1. Facebook has launched a new fundraising tool to help non-profit organisations raise money. They have also improved the Donate button to help reach new supporters. The goal is to drive more spontaneous giving to these organisations. You don’t even have to leave the site.


  1. Google has lowered the minimum cost of apps and in-app purchases for several emerging markets after a trial period in India earlier this year. You can find the full list here.




  1. The INFOTEL 2015 Exhibition was held from 20-22 November at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo. A turnout of around 100,000 visitors attended this exhibition. One of the highlights was a very useful and successful forum on Women in IT, organised by, Millennium IT and FITIS.

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