Snapchat’s Live Stories show multiple angles

Snapchat’s Live Stories offer a great collection of moments of each day from cities around the world. The company is now getting so many submissions in some cities that it’s expanding Live Stories to include multiple snaps for each moment.


The new feature is called Story Explorer and it lets you swipe up on any snap inside a Live Story to see the same moment from multiple angles. Tap through to see different points of view on big events — a goal scored at a soccer game, for example, or a favorite song performed at a concert. Swipe down to return to the main story.


Story Explorer, which launches today in New York and Los Angeles, shows that Snapchat is finding new ways to combine user-submitted photos and videos into creative, compelling portraits of places and events.


CEO Evan Spiegel told the Los Angeles Times that Story Explorer is built on machine vision and deep learning, with a large bank of computers analysing submissions to Live Stories and identifying related places and objects. It will roll out to other cities’ Live Stories “very soon,” Snapchat says.

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