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OnePlus offers refunds for its USB Type-C cable

OnePlus has finally admitted that its fast charging USB Type-C cable does not function properly. They say that the cable is using a resistor that is not compatible with some third-party devices and is offering refunds for the accessory if you had purchased it separately.


Details of the faulty cable came out after Google engineer Benson Leung tested it, and discovered that the cable could potentially damage devices from other manufacturers by drawing too much power. “This may cause damage to whatever cable, hub, PC, or charger you plug into this,” Leung explained. OnePlus says the problem is due to a resistor in the cable. The cable uses a 10kΩ resistor, instead of the 56kΩ that should be standard for Type-C.


The company says that the cable is safe to use with the OnePlus 2 it comes bundled with, so the refund only applies to those who purchased the cable on its own. “If you’re charging or transferring data to or from the OnePlus 2,” the company says, “you should have no problems using the cable that shipped with your OnePlus 2 or the cables or adapters you bought separately on”


You can apply for a refund here, and OnePlus says that you have until December 31st to do so. The company has already begun developing new Type-C cables with bigger resistors.

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