TechAdvisor’s Top Stories of 2015

2015 has been one heck of a ride. It has been a good year for the tech industry in general and in particular. We’ve got a brand new site design, reviewed great new products, met talented Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, and took part in some fantastic tech forums. The tech industry is booming, startups are starting up, social is linking arms with mobile, and true innovation is finally getting its share of the limelight, all with a very distinct Sri Lankan flavour.


We took a look at which of our stories had the most engagement, mostly on Facebook. A few trends emerge from our top stories. An interest in the involvement of women in IT seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. This is a good thing. It means awareness is high and people are concerned with keeping a gender balance in the IT industry.


A few of the stories drew attention either because the individual the story involved was well known, or had gained recognition for achievements. The rest of the top stories had a more personal bias, with reviews of services or ‘how to’ pieces. So without further ado, here are the top six stories of 2015.


  1. How to Password like a Pro


All that stands between your personal information and sticky-fingered hackers are a string of letters. If you follow certain principles, you increase your chances of staying safe, but most people are quite lazy which makes for some spectacular public relations issues (here’s looking at you Ashley Madison), and major security breaches (NSA anyone?).




  1. Airbolt – Say Goodbye to Luggage Problems


People seem to be having a lot of trouble with luggage in airports! The AirBolt seems to be the answer to all travel problems. It is a revolutionary travel-sized lock designed and developed from the ground up. It’s not just the world’s first Bluetooth enabled smart travel lock; it is the first true lock for your luggage. Or so they say.




  1. Women in IT Encouraged to Take a Seat at The Table


“Even if it’s a male dominated table, go ahead and take a seat,” urged the panel of women who spoke at the Women in IT Forum held at INFOTEL 2015. Talking about women in IT, both in the local scene and around the globe, seven inspiring women shared their stories, advice and insights with students about to enter the IT workforce. The event 2015 was organised in partnership with the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), MillenniumIT and Watch out for more of these forums in 2016.




  1. Travel in Uber Style, Or Not


When Uber arrived in Sri Lanka, everyone wanted to know what it was like to use the ride-sharing service. This piece showed what it was like to travel using Uber. It appears that “Uber does compete well with Pickme and Kangaroo Cabs prices with the exception of the time charge that Uber has whereas the others only have a waiting charge.”




  1. Shanuki De Alwis Shares What’s on her Phone


A lot of people seemed really interested in what Shanuki De Alwis had on her phone. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all pet apps.




  1. Sri Lanka’s Ganidu gets $500,000 for iHelmet


The most popular post with the highest engagement was when Ganindu Nanayakkara, an innovator and software engineer and creator of the iHelmet won $500,000 as first runner-up in the Verizon 2015 Powerful Answers Award contest. iHelmet is an intelligent motorcycle helmet with an array of sensors designed to warn riders of upcoming dangers and Ganindu was among several startups who are all winners in the company’s Powerful Answers contest.





So there you have it folks, some of our top stories of 2015. Here’s to the end of a great year and to the beginning of a better one!


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