Microsoft releases News Pro app

Microsoft releases News Pro app

Microsoft’s experimental app laboratory, the Microsoft Garage, released another iOS app called News Pro. The reader is similar to Apple’s own Apple News, and mobile regular, Flipboard.


You can login with a Facebook or LinkedIn account, where you will pick topics of interest like finance, tech, and design to get a selection of algorithmically chosen articles in a more mobile-friendly reading format. News Pro has a highlights section for getting a list of top stories and an explore tab for checking out new topics organized by industries, organizations, skills, and products. That type of separation may be useful to some users, especially those interested in certain subtopics like coding languages.


By linking with either your Facebook or LinkedIn account, Microsoft is trying to glean what topics interest you most from a social and work perspective. It succeeds in some respects, and fails in others. It may subscribe you to video games, nanotechnology, and graphic design, which may be accurate. But it may also also think you like farming, dairy, and food production, based on what is on your Facebook.


Microsoft’s ambitions for News Pro are unclear. Garage apps, which are made by a hodgepodge of company employees, are often one-off projects put out in the wild and forgotten. They rarely, if ever, move from one platform to another, and Microsoft has already confirmed Android and Windows 10 Mobile users won’t be getting News Pro.


Still, if you’re an iPhone user looking for a no-frills reader to stay informed and Apple News and Flipboard just don’t cut it, Microsoft’s product may be worth your time. One big benefit of News Pro is that its web app works on any device, so it could be a good desktop destination for when you’re bored at the office.

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