Xiaomi introduces Mi5 Flagship Smartphone

Xiaomi introduces Mi5 Flagship Smartphone

China’s leading smartpone manufacturer Xiaomi [XTC.UL] on Wednesday unveiled its flagship Mi5 smartphone which combines the latest components and an innovative ceramic design with a price tag, significantly undercutting rivals.


According to Xiaomi, the Mi5 had been built around Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, the same processor that powers Samsung’s Galaxy S7 which was launched recently in Barcelona. Vice president of Xiaomi Hugo Barra  said the Mi5 broke ground for Xiaomi, both in features, such as advanced camera stabilization, and in design, with a scratch resistant ceramic used in top-end models.


“This is the most beautifully designed phone we have ever made, and it’s the one that packs the biggest number of technological breakthroughs,” Barra noted.


Xiaomi announced that the top-range model will sell for 2,699 yuan ($413) in China from March 1, undercutting equivalent models from the likes of Apple and Samsung that sell for upwards of 5,000 yuan.


Barra said that Xiaomi’s focus is going after Internet-savvy consumers, who are e-commerce buyers – and keep growing the phone sales, not only in China, but in countries like India and others.


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