Apple launches Safari Technology Preview for developers

Apple launches Safari Technology Preview for developers

Apple recently announced the launch of a new version of its Safari web browser, designed specifically for developers as part of its efforts in the area of web development.


According to the company, this browser, which is called Safari Technology Preview, will allow developers to get an early look at upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS, including things such as the latest layout technologies, visual effects, and other developer tools.


The idea is to allow developers to more easily get their hands on these technologies and be able to experiment, then offer feedback to Apple earlier on – so the company can make the necessary improvements.


It is less hassle to run the new browser that features the latest advances in web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and WebKit. Plus, the browser allows developers to access the latest versions of Web Inspector and Responsive Design Mode – the latter which is used to help developers build websites that work across devices, from desktop to mobile.


Other advantages of this version of Safari is that it’s signed and validated by Apple, and it works with iCloud. In addition, Safari Technology Preview is a standalone application – thus, it can run side-by-side with the shipping version of Safari, to make it easy to switch between the two builds.


Safari Technology Preview is now available for shipping.


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