Awaiting Engagement driven Marketing Campaigns in Sri Lanka

So many advertisements seem to clutter both offline and online media channels nowadays in Sri Lanka and integrated marketing campaigns seem to limit themselves to mediocre BTL and ATL marketing campaigns that get lost with every other marketing campaign out there. Most people overlook advertisements believing that they are just a part of the big commercial world that is trying to get people to spend unnecessarily. There has been a developing trend of online deals that are offered in order to push the product out there on the online market as well. But, are companies gaining a substantial market share out of the marketing campaigns that they do when compared to their budgets and their spend on marketing.


The main purpose of business is to find that need that people have and effectively communicating a solution which a product or service may be. To do this, one not only needs to know who the target audience is, but also how to get their attention and when to get their attention. In order to do this marketing research is an absolute essential if you are looking to make an impact with your integrated marketing communications strategy. Which is often over looked within the Sri Lankan context despite the sizable marketing job force.


What do these mediocre marketing campaigns look like? Well the usual integrated marketing campaign in Sri Lanka would do something on the lines of getting the product out there with an advertisement that runs on TV, Press, Radio and on Billboards. The BTL promotions that would include a product activation of sorts, an exhibition or text message marketing. Then there would be the digital marketing campaign that runs parallel to this, with a narrow objective of getting as much attention from everyone online. Yes both traditional media and Digital media should be integrated to achieve multi channelled marketing communications. However, making your marketing communications mix more targeted would make you yield more.


What does it take to have your integrated communication mix include that element of engagement? How have other countries used technology to bring this to the table and has the return on investment been worth it. Marketing research is an absolute essential. In this age of digital marketing and the use of it to gain key marketing insights through data mining and the use of analytics uses a variety of metrics that observe, quantify and validate buyer behaviour. This is what should determine our next step to how we position brands and how we sell. Taking these insights several companies around the world have begun using innovative marketing promotions to drive sales through the wall.


It is inevitable that my first example would be Coke, as they get it right most always. Also they have pockets deep enough to go to the next level with marketing. Which they did recently with their launch of Coke Zero. They first created a billboard that served real coke zero. Then they tied up with Shazam technology to fill a virtual glass which is on your phone, with Coke Zero which is poured out on a TV commercial. Once you fill your glass you get a code which allows you to redeem a free bottle at the store. Which was named the first ever drinkable advertisement campaign. How cool is that.



Although the Coke Zero campaign sounds a little expensive, they also got it right with their “share a coke” campaign in Austrailia, where all they did was start printing 150 of the most common names on Coke bottle labels and thereafter making personalised coke labels. It’s as simple as that. In an age of Facebook, where everyone has delicate egos, it seemed sensible to give people their own personalised bottle of coke with their name on it.


Durex- Baby campaign


This was simply a fun way to get the attention of guys and remind them of what to be afraid off. Yes, cute and cuddly babies. Durex decided to simulate the experience of having a new-born. They encouraged everyone to download an application where you could knock up a friends phone by gently rubbing it against your friends phone using Bluetooth and then you have a new born baby born on your iPhone which you would have to look after, until you scan a QR code on a Durex packet which is a link to the anti-knock up application which sets you free from your simulated baby.



Dunkin Donuts

Facing a lot of competition in Seoul, they needed to figure out how to encourage people to drink coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Since most people travel to work on busses and on the subway. So they created a machine that automatically released the Dunkin Donuts aroma on a bus when the Dunkin Donuts jingle is played on radio and they also branded bus shelters, so that when they get off they are further encouraged to a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.


All these campaigns took a little bit of research using metrics that understood what would trigger customers to make that decision and make that conversion. They also successfully integrated offline advertisements with digital technology to create that engagement. These are just a few of the crazy campaigns that I picked out, but companies are bringing their A game when they are ready to spend on Marketing. We are living an age where in some countries, digital boards have personalised messages targeted at clients associated with specific brands.


There are several tools that are available in this age to create engagement with your target audience. Location based marketing, geo fencing, Beacon technology to proximity marketing and interactive media to name a few. But by stream lining your marketing communications and advertising correctly would be money well spent rather than mass communication. Where you market to everyone across multiple mediums, which is more often than not, a shot in the dark.

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