Oracle shares Cloud insights with SL companies

Oracle shares Cloud insights with SL companies

Oracle Sri Lanka recently shared its expertise and ability with its customers at a media briefing in Colombo. The company said, its aim is to give exposure to Sri Lankan companies to adopt to the cloud technology to streamline their business processors.


“There was an era where customers used to have their own Information Technology (IT) departments, where they invest a lot in IT infrastructure, which was not their core business. Their core business was their respective industries. What we do is taking that burden from their businesses, making it our responsibility, so that they have time to innovate. So our team is all about giving time for customers for innovations,” said director of Oracle Corporation Sri Lanka and country manager of Maldives Chandita Samaranayake.


Explaining how Oracle is addressing the present demands of the corporate world, he said that the company has adopted the cloud technology which is the way forward and helps businesses to streamline their business processors.


Talking about data security, he said that customers biggest concern is how they can be assured about data security and he noted that Oracle is one of the best secured data base companies in the world.


Further, he said, they cloud for all solutions which includes cash management, budgeting, HR, procurement, reporting and analytics etc.

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