Seven Media Group unveils “Okiterion”

Seven Media Group unveils “Okiterion”

Seven Media Group, a group of companies providing full services related to media strategy and implementation, recently unveiled their new venture “Okiterion”, which is an innovation prototype lab.


Seven Media Group provides its services to clients ranging from financial institutions, Telco’s, large FMCG brands to niche businesses both locally and internationally in various aspects of the media spectrum.


Seven Media Group said, Okiterion in essence is a think tank and a prototype lab currently working on a hand full of projects. Okiterion is currently focusing on a few interesting projects including a Medical Digital Innovation, automated reordering system, an energy efficient mobility project, ergonomic mechanical furniture and Innovative utensil design.


“Okiterion is not really a company or an organization to us. Our vision is to create products and tech, which addresses very specific needs. It’s a prototype lab where ideas come to life and evolve into great products. Surely we will break more things than we end up making, but the few projects that come through the cycle will most definitely add value to a lot of people, especially in Asia,” said Subodha Pilimatalawwe – managing director of Seven Media Group.


Okiterion also plans to extend support to local inventors in various aspects including R&D, Product development, take-to-market and establishing growth strategies.


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