Motion Stills Converts Apple’s Live Photos to GIFs

Motion Stills Converts Apple’s Live Photos to GIFs

Google recently released an app called “Motion Stills”, to improve Apple’s Live Photos,


Apple’s Live Photos are, by design, something most people don’t really think about. The users just take still photos as they always would, and iOS automatically captures a bit of footage from before and after the photo was taken and turns it into a little animation. Often these animations are little blurry and shaky.


Google launched Motion Stills app to fix this problem. Borrowing much of what Google has learned from its video stabilization efforts on YouTube and other projects, the app analyzes the user’s Live Photos and does a bunch of things to fix the issue.


The app throws out blurry frames, and tries to crop out unnecessary bits – determines what’s in the background and what’s in the foreground and actually isolates them for better stabilization – tries to determine the best start/end point for the loop – and makes a GIF for the user to share.


The app only exists on iOS for now. Third parties have been working on their own alternatives to Live Photos for Android, but none really reign supreme.


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