AmazonFresh launches full online supermarket service in UK

AmazonFresh launches full online supermarket service in UK

AmazonFresh, the e-commerce behemoth’s grocery service, recently started operating in parts of north and east London before expanding to other parts of the city.


“We are launching with a comprehensive offer in a limited area and will take our time to hone our service,” said Ajay Kavan from AmazonFresh.


AmazonFresh is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers who also pay a monthly fee of £6.99. This means Amazon Fresh will cost them about £84 ($121.85) a year.


Amazon Fresh will compete against several of the United Kingdom’s largest supermarket chains, including Tesco, Ocado (Waitrose’s online market), Sainbury’s, and ASDA, which already have online grocery shopping.


The company started gradually rolling out quick-delivery grocery services in the U.K. last fall. In September, it began testing one-hour deliveries of fresh and frozen foods through its Prime Now program in Birmingham. It also launched Amazon Pantry, which offers next-day delivery of household goods and non-perishable food like canned soup and dry pasta, in November. It has sold food items through its main U.K. site since 2010.


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