Huawei’s premium flagship P9 to enter Sri Lanka

Huawei’s premium flagship P9 to enter Sri Lanka

Healthy competition is always welcome even in our choice of smartphones. Later this week, Huawei will unveil the much awaited flagship smartphone Huawei P9. And this time, Huawei’s partnership with German firm Leica has created a smartphone with a groundbreaking dual-lens camera that can shoot vivid colour and crisp black-and-white to produce images with greater depth and clarity.


Blending superior hardware and software with Leica dual lenses, the Huawei P9 enables you to capture high quality pictures without compromising on the handset’s sleek and compact style. The Huawei P9 captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images. The device adds more light with two sensors, one RGB and one monochrome which results in incredible shots with the Huawei P9’s merging algorithm, which intelligently combines the colours taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor.


The 5.2 inch full HD display included in the P9 uses the Hollywood movie colour gamut, allowing the display to cover 96 percent of the colour spectrum. The dual-lens 12MP camera features RGB and BW sensors, as well as laser-assisted focus. This makes the camera 200 per cent more sensitive than predecessors and allows it to provide 300 per cent more detail. The P9 is powered by Huawei’s latest Kirin 955 chipset, which is based on the TSMC 16nm FinFET Plus chip technology. CPU performance is 100 per cent faster than the P8 and 3D graphics are improved by 125 per cent.


Huawei P9 Plus will be among the most celebrated flagship smartphones in the country, with more exciting products for the customers during this year to be launched in Sri Lanka. Huawei is aggressively expecting considerable growth in 2016 as it has achieved outmatched milestones in the previous year as well. Huawei has gained a market share of 23.3% according to GFK within the first quarter of 2016 in Sri Lanka accelerating its market as the number two smartphone brand in the country. Huawei is ranked 47th among the World’s Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2016 According to Brand Finance.


Hopefully, will be given a chance to have a hands-on experience with this device and bring you an up close and personal view on what we think.

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