Cheaper YouTube Ads Through YouTube Director

YouTube is a big deal. Google’s video streaming site has been growing for years, and is showing no signs of stopping. According to Google, watch time on the site has gone up more than 50 percent for the third year in a row. That’s a lot of people watching a lot of cat videos. At the BrandCast event last month, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds on mobile devices than any TV network.


So, yes, YouTube is a big deal.


And big deals mean big ads. Being able to hold so much of the world’s attention makes it a prime target for advertising agencies, which is great for Google since they earn a lot of their revenue from advertising. But the majority of advertising (the best ones at least) come from companies with big advertising budgets. Small and medium enterprises don’t get to do so much because their budgets don’t allow for it. Diya Jolly, Google’s director of product management said in an interview that the biggest struggles SMEs face with ads on YouTube is the lack of quality.


To address this, earlier this week, Google launched a new app called YouTube Director to help businesses with lower marketing budgets create video advertisements on their own. The app is available for download on iTunes and has a number of editing tools, templates, and music. It is also free to use.


If you don’t want to shoot your own video, select U.S. cities get access to YouTube Director onsite which is basically a professional filmmaker who shoots your video for free, if you spend a certain amount on YouTube ads. There is also an automated video option that uses your existing material like graphics and logos and apps screen shots to create an ad.


All things considered, this is a pretty good service, especially since good quality video ads are not that easy to make. One business that has created an ad already, using the new tool is The Barber Shop Club in Los Angeles.



As you can see, the resulting video is not half bad. According to Google, the business saw a 73 percent increase in ad recall and a 56 percent lift in brand awareness.


Unfortunately, the YouTube Director app is only available in the US and Canada, (why so country’ist, Google?) and only on iTunes for now. The app will come to Google Play soon, and we’re hoping that the service will be opened up to more countries soon, since YouTube ads are pretty much global anyway.


Any casual foray into YouTube now will show you a lot more Sri Lankan ads popping up in your videos. As Sri Lankan advertisers catch on to the power of YouTube, we’re going to see much more ads on YouTube, and YouTube Director improving the quality of the ads won’t be a bad thing at all.

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