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There is a gap between the aspirations of a jobseeker and the expectations of the corporate sector. The struggle is directly proportional to the mismatch – something the existing recruitment infrastructure in the country can’t seem to fix so far. Enter! is free for all employers who partner as content providers and the site is operative through mobile phones even without a data connection in order to offer seamless convenience to jobseekers.




Our main target segment or value proposition would be the jobseeker category. In addition to offering the basic services of searching for jobs and applying for vacancies absolutely free of charge, the applicants may opt for our premium service, where Jobpal Team would apply for jobs aggressively on behalf of the jobseeker,” said Anjana Rathnayake, the dynamic Director / CEO of E-FutureTech Systems (Pvt) Ltd- the mastermind behind the revolutionary product.






In addition he lauded government’s initiative in 2018 Budget Speech titled – Enterprise Sri Lanka, which has identified that a common issue faced by Sri Lankan youth in navigating the job market, is that they do not possess the required skill set as demanded by the market. Under this initiative the government has proposed to implement a programme where groups of youth will undergo three to six month training courses in a specific skill set as demanded by the private sector in preparing our today’s generation for tomorrow’s jobs.


Currently, vacancies at Jobpal are made available for a period of maximum three weeks. Team keeps in constant touch with employers to obtain all available vacancies (both local and foreign) in order to serve jobseekers who obtain premium service.


Despite its mere six month existence, gets a significant 50 – 80 new vacancies each day, which are categorized into local and foreign, and currently has over 1,000 odd local and over 500 foreign jobs at any given moment.


Once registered as a Premium Jobseeker, he or she may upload his CV, fill basic details, then receives a five-digit CV ID. After dialing the registration code (#771*577#), the jobseeker may enter the CV ID whilst all other details will be automatically collated from his or her profile. The Premium Jobseeker facility is offered at a highly reasonable Rs 3.00 (+ taxes) per day. Currently this service is available for Dialog and Hutch mobile users. Applicants can visit and submit their resumes. In addition can be reached at or at 0117574800.

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