Travel is a click away and here are 10 things to keep in mind

If you think it’s time for a new adventure, Stag Kiss Budapest tell us best how to hit the skies.


1. Know How to Search…

Know where to compare your flights, there are many but here’s a few

2. …But Search in Secret!

Have you ever done a flight search, and then minutes later you check again and the prices have gone up? Does it feel like they are watching you and raising prices just for you? Well, sad to say, that is partially true. Due to the cookies in your browser prices will increase when a route is searched repeatedly. These booking portals and airlines want to scare you into booking your flight quickly. There is a way around this: do your searches incognito.


Here’s how to go incognito, and it’s very simple:

  • if you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, hit Command (or “Control” if using a PC), Shift, “P”.​
  • If you use Safari or Google Chrome, hit Command (or “Control” if using PC), Shift, “N”.

This opens a new browser window where your information is not tracked, so your prices will not be inflated.


Each time you re-open an incognito window, your cookies will be reset. Then make sure you close your windows completely before doing a new search, so your previous searches aren’t remembered.

3. Know When to Fly…

Planning ahead for a big trip? Certain times of the year are better than others. Generally, the cheapest times of year to fly are January through early May, and again in September through early December… generally, if kids are in school, it’s cheaper and easier to fly. The most expensive times to fly are during peak summer, which is the middle of June through the middle of August. Also, Christmas and New Years are more expensive than other times.


Also, when looking at your desired location, keep in mind that during holidays and festivals travel will be more expensive. So if you are looking to save some money, don’t fly to China during the Chinese New Year, to Rio during Carnival, to Dublin during St. Patrick’s day, to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, for example.

4. …And Be Flexible

You’ve probably heard that Tuesday is the best day to fly to save money. It used to be standard operating procedure for airlines to load their best fare at 2:00pm on a Tuesday, but now thanks to the internet fares are posted throughout the week, and at various times. Your best bet is to do a search for an entire month. The numbers won’t lie: sometimes Tuesday is best, sometimes it’s Thursday, sometime’s it’s Saturday.


To truly be flexible, log into your favorite travel website (like the ones I listed above) and enter your departure and arrival cities. Select “one-way” even if you are going round trip, as this will ensure the cheapest days. Then select “depart” and check “whole month.” The cheapest option will be clear. Then do the same with your return flight as a “one-way” option.

5. Plan in Advance

Planning a spur of the moment trip to Paris? Wonderful for you, but don’t expect any airline deals. If you really want a cheap flight, you need to plan ahead. Flying internationally? Anywhere from two to eight months will give you the best options. If you are flying in the continental United States, one to three months is the best time to book. If you are looking to travel during peak months, add one to two months to this timetable.

6. And Don’t Wait until the Last Minute

Do last minute deals pop up? Of course? But you are more likely to be stranded at the airport without an option. Decades ago airlines would slash prices to fill empty seats in the final days before a flight. Now business travelers plan at the last minute and are willing to pay more, so those seats are held at full price (and usually claimed) at the last minute.

7. Go Out of Your Way (Just a bit)

If you are willing to make your journey longer, adding a couple of hours travel near your home could result in savings. In our local context, we have one international airport, so there isn’t much to worry about here.

8. Layovers

How long are you willing to travel? If you really have the time, adding one or two stops to your itinerary will make your trip much cheaper than flying non-stop. That said, this advice comes with a big warning: make sure your layover isn’t too short. If your layover is under three hours, any number of factors (bad weather, different terminals, holiday season) could cause you to miss your connection. And if you book your travel through a travel website instead of directly through the airline’s website, your chance of a full refund or exchange is much less likely.

9. Use a Travel Agent

While they seem like a service of olden days, travel agents can help you save money if you are flexible on time and can book in advance. Travel agents have special rates that are unaccessible to the general public. Your best bet is to do your own independent research and bring your findings to a travel agent. They can tell you if they can find you a better rate. Another advantage of travel agents: they can help you extend layovers so you can enjoy a day or more in a new city, rather than just hanging out at the airport. Plus, travel agents know a lot about many places, and can offer suggestions to places you may not know.

10. Get With the Program

All airlines have frequent flyer programs. Take two minutes and sign up. There is literally nothing to lose, as they don’t charge for membership. If you travel multiple times a year, you are likely to earn miles at a variety of places. Many airlines allow you to go up to two years without travel before you lose miles. Other airlines allow for you to accrue miles without ever losing miles, no matter how long you go before flights. Open accounts before every flight on a new airline, and down the road your free flights await.


With a little bit of knowledge, patience, and flexibility, you can travel the world without breaking your bank account. There are deals, freebies, and incentives for those who have flexibility with dates, airlines, and destination (and departure) cities. As long as you plan enough in advance, you can find the trip at the budget you desire. This will allow you to travel more often. Soon enough, you can be a seasoned world traveler!


Shout out to Stag Kiss budapest for these tips.

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