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While the digital revolution progresses, the participating in e-sports increases with a competitive edge. The games themselves also keep evolving and the most popular form is in real-time.


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Predator League Asia Pacific Final 2018


A talk with Sri Lanka’s representative for the Predator League Asia Pacific Final 2018, Abdul Baasit, gave us more insight on a gamer.


Abdul started gaming at the age of 10 which was sparked by the thrill of competitiveness. It started off just for fun but after playing against others, he found himself to be gamer material. In terms of game preference, he likes Dota although it’s a tough game, he classifies himself as a veteran at it and has been playing it for 8 years!


Being a gamer majority of his life, Abdul thinks it’s a great opportunity for Sri Lanka to participation in an international gaming competition. As there are numerous games locally held, only few opportunities like this arise and he’s the happiest to be chosen to represent Sri Lanka in the Predator League.


As this is Abdul’s first international competition, on a scale of 1 to 10 he was asked how excited he was- it was a 10 as he now gets to show off his gamer skills! On the other hand he rated himself semi nervous on participation and called themselves underdogs waiting to make a break. He defines a good game as a light sleeper, with commitment, effort, continuous practice and a social life which revolves around gaming.


Abdul commends the Acer Predator on its aesthetics which allures gamers to want it. In the hope of winning with self pride and a prize pool of $150,000 the team will be gaming away from the 18th to the 21st of January in Indonesia.


Sri Lanka’s team, We Say NO! is an eSports team consisting of Sathan, AB , Beaver, Nightblade and Spades. Individually, these members have achieved gold in various local tournaments throughout the years. However, Internationally, they come together as a team and achieved greater things.


Some of their previous achievements are:

• Champion of APAC Predator League Qualifier 2018
• Gold at RLG Dota 2 Championship 2017
• Gold at ROG Masters 2017 Sri Lanka Qualifier
• Gold SLT eSports Championship 2017
• 5th-6th in South Asia ROG Masters 2017
• Qualify for LAN Malaysia finals in South Asia ROG Masters 2016
• 3rd South Asia Double Damage 2015


Now they have began their search for gold in Asia Pacific and bring pride to their country by winning the Predator League Sri Lanka Qualifiers.


We, at TechAdvisor wish them luck!


Watch this space for daily updates on the competition…

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