iTelaSoft’s MVP- Indaka Raigama

One of Sri Lanka’s cutting-edge tech companies– iTelaSoft recently announced its second consecutive year of rapid growth following the entry of Indaka Raigama, the former Chief Executive Officer of Navantis as its CEO.


Indaka Raigama has a unique track record of setting teams and penetrating to newer markets and technology frontiers in his role. Passing out from the Engineering Faculty of the University of Moratuwa in 1998, he has been working on software engineering, IT consulting, managing projects and successfully running enterprises for the last two decades. His wealth of prior experience at Virtusa and Navantis shaped him to be the right calibre personality to face the challenges of growing a tech company. As a former Director at SLASSCOM, he has contributed in no mean measure to grow the IT industry by popularizing IT careers among the young generation, penetrating to remote areas in Sri Lanka. Indaka joined iTelaSoft last year with the intention to grow the operation in the right direction.


“When Indaka joined the organisation in early 2016, it had less than 12 employees, but he yet demonstrated the Company’s ability to provide complex solutions to many clients around the world. His dedication and with tremendous support of his team, the organisation is today a team of more than 60 engineering professionals, serving successfully numerous customers in Australia, UK, USA and Canada,” said Ravindra Samarasinghe, Co-Founder of iTelaSoft.


Addressing a gala event iTelaSoft held recently to celebrate the success of 2017 and cascading the plan for 2018 along with its employees and partners, Indaka had this to say:-


“iTelaSoft had its ambitious beginning seven years back, to become a cutting-edge tech company with world-wide presence. Two years back, when I joined iTelaSoft, I wanted to fully focus on that mission. During the past years we have built very innovative solutions using cutting edge technology stacks, delivering significant value to our customers. My passion has been to build teams, organizations, and products that I can be proud of. I strongly believe that, the culture and values of an organization have a significant impact on its achievements. As a team, we will be focusing on our talent base, competencies and the culture to become a world class technology provider.”


iTelaSoft is an IT services provider and software products development company, specializing in IT strategy consultation, design, development and management of products and helping entrepreneurs transform ground breaking ideas into successful products. The Company was started with just one employee in 2010, targeting business from Australia. The co-founders set the goal to take the organisation global with world class standards using local talent.


iTelaSoft works with many business domains including Telco, FinTech, eLearning and Retail. Already, the organization has supported a few disruptive ideas to become real world products. One of the niche areas of iTelaSoft is the Internet of Things (IoT), and in most markets IoT is growing at a rapid pace.


“Another growing business opportunity is providing highly skilled talent to these markets who are continuously looking to improving productivity. These dedicated teams are growing to cater for ever growing demand of product evolution, professional services and process automation. With Indaka’s guidance and strategic thinking, we were able to reach global markets and diversify our offerings.” added Ravindra Samarasinghe.


Addressing the gala event, Dr.Ajith Madurapperuma, Senior Lecturer of the Open University of Sri Lanka and Director, Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA), expressed his pleasure to see young technology companies in Sri Lanka building cutting edge solutions for top brands in the world. He stressed the fact that we have to be in a full-time learning mindset to be relevant in the world market. Being just literate is not enough as a nation. We need to be technology literate and culturally literate to understand how to build things that become applicable to rest of the world.


Indaka lauded country’s intention to become a prime technology hub in the South Asia.


“Sri Lanka’s ICT exports are expected to reach US$ five billion by 2020. Initiatives such as knowledge-based social market economy, an export-oriented economy, Western Region Megapolis, Smartcities etc will propel the country’s IT industries as never seen before. Export revenue of Sri Lankan IT sector skyrocketed from US$ 213 million in 2007 to US$ 720 million in 2013 and the US$ 1 billion mark in 2016. Sri Lanka was ranked among the ‘Top 50 outsourcing destinations’ by AT Kearney, whilst Colombo was ranked among ‘Top 20 Emerging Cities’ by Global Services Magazine. In addition,50 percent of the one million jobs projected by 2020 would come from information communication technology (ICT) along with tourism sectors as envisaged by the government,” he pointed out.


“We commend and support Sri Lanka’s ambition to become the IT and technology hub of the region. iTelaSoft is a great breeding ground for the young talented graduates to complete their internship and start careers as they are exposed to a variety of subject areas, international businesses and opportunity to work in real life projects. So far we have seen a really bright set of young minds joining our organization. With such a talent pool and more organizations like iTelaSoft, Sri Lanka to become a niche IT hub in the region is no doubt achievable,” said a confident Indaka.

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