Capital Alliance contributes resourcefulness to the financial services space

Sri Lanka’s leading investment banking firm and the preferred partner in financial markets, Capital Alliance (CAL), proudly launches FIPBOX, a centralized web application ( that is more than just an information platform that facilitates investors with up to-date information about interest rates and credit ratings of banks and financial institutions, but also allow clients to confirm investments through the official website to help them shop for the best rates on fixed deposits on a single platform. FIPBOX allow users to track their investments from end-to-end including maturities, re-investments etc. A one-time submission of information into the FIPBOX application simplifies the hassle of filling application forms.


As a reliable and trusted partner, this CAL-initiated platform is a convenient approach that reduce the time spent on researching for fixed deposit rates, this is especially advantageous for senior citizens and offering trustworthy and dependable information for investors who have just entered the market. For example, salaried employees who want to grow modest wealth by analyzing expected returns; retirees who want to find a safe nest to vest their life’s earnings and earn a monthly income; or even individuals who want to make their money earn for them.


FIPBOX (Pvt) Limited is an innovative Fintech company geared to provide convenience, accessibility and efficiency to the Sri Lankan community in the financial services space. The Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Capital Alliance Group, a highly reputed financial services group also holding a Primary Dealer in Government.


Commenting on this smart application, Ajith Fernando Managing Director CAL Group, says, “Conducting a search online for the best fixed deposit rates can be a challenging task for lay investors, but FIPBOX simplifies the entire process by providing all the required information such as interest rates, credit rating etc of all banks and financial institutions in Sri Lanka on its platform. FIPBOX users can make their deposit in three clicks! It effectively does away with the need to fill forms and wait for a response. FIPBOX educates the community about investment best practices by sharing content on investment and money saving matters. This innovation is yet another testimony of CAL’s commitment to deliver excellence in execution, world-class research and product innovation.”

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