New And Attractive Features via Online Jobs Platform on, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace, recently showcased several new exciting features via ikman Jobs, enhancing online job sourcing for both employers and job-seekers.


In comparison to existing job portals, ikman Jobs enables top corporates and blue-chip companies to source prospective applicants from a wider spectrum of industries including IT, Telecom, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Banking , HR & Admin etc., with ease through new features such as the Dashboard and Talent Search option. The platform is also an ideal resource for prospective employees who wish to seek new career opportunities.


“The attractive new features showcased on ikman Jobs plays an important role in the entire recruitment process. The platform enables employers to have easy access to a database of job seekers sorted according to specific skill sets and experience which saves them a lot of time and effort. It is also an ideal sourcing channel with individual résumés being available to leading corporates,” said Methsala Atthanayake, Senior Manager,


The new ‘Dashboard’ feature is extremely attractive for corporates and blue chip companies who constantly seek easier sourcing options to fill vacancies. Corporates can advertise the required vacancies and through an Membership, which provides access packages from one month to three, six or twelve months, shortlist suitable applicants based on key criteria.


An employer does not have to weed through individual applicant details but through the simple click of a button, shortlist potential candidates according to the required job description. The option saves time and prospective candidates could be easily identified with minimum time spent perusing individual resumes.


Additionally, unlike other portals, a corporate can post an unlimited number of vacancies which will be online and visible to job-seekers for two months.


Todate,’s Jobs platform has a growing catalogue of over 100 leading corporates who have benefitted from these superior features.


The enhanced platform also makes sourcing employment easier for job seekers too. This free of charge, service simply requires individuals to create their CV’s online selecting their preferences from easy drop-down lists, filling in key criteria as required. Prospective employees are also no longer required to attach cumbersome CVs with their application.


ikman Jobs’ new ‘Talent Search’ feature is another attractive option for employers to source their human resource requirements. Todate, with an impressive database of over 120,000 CVs hosted on the platform, employers gain easy access to a vital database of prospective job-seekers.


A drop down menu and simple filter based on set criteria such as age, industry, sales experience, education levels etc., will provide the employer, candidates from the database suited for the job description. An employer requires an Membership to access this feature.


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