Download “COFFER” for must-have credit card offers

One of the leading frustrations for all credit cardholders is the never-ending flood of notifications on their mobile phones from their banks with credit card offers and promotions. “From local holidays and restaurant and dining deals, to retail and supermarket offers, this ‘constant pinging’ on phones is distracting and annoying,” said several cardholders. To help overcome this problem, Extrogene Software announced the successful launch of its new mobile app Coffer, for both iOS and Android devices.


Once downloaded, users have to select their bank (or multiple banks), corresponding card types and set filters under categories such as “local holidays,” “supermarkets,” “restaurants and dining,” and “online shopping.” They may also wish list, and even share offers with their friends through this user-friendly mobile app at their own convenience.



“As credit cardholders ourselves, we understand that SMS’ and emails lack practical-engagement while it can be quite irritating as a cardholder to receive offers at random times during day and night. As an added benefit, Coffer will help boost banks’ insights into cardholder behavior as they can exponentially increase user-engagement, drive strategic campaign goals, and gather data for dynamic campaigns,” said Ruwan Dissanayaka/CEO, Extrogene Software.


What is most attractive about Coffer is its simplicity, along with detailed and interactive offer-displays. While users wish list important offers, they can also share them on WhatsApp, Viber, email, and Facebook. The app also displays the offer period, discount percentage, terms and conditions, and lets users contact the merchant via the app itself.


For banks, this app provides numerous other benefits. Cardholder behavior, offer search patterns, and merchant interactions are banks’ main blind spots. Once the user has installed the app, any offer published by banks will display on Coffer under the relevant category and Coffer presents banks with vital insights that will help them make informed decisions in their marketing campaigns. “At present, random SMS’ or email campaigns give banks zero feedback. With Coffer, banks get a better picture of their marketing campaign ROIs, with the added benefit of app-generated user-data and analytics,” added Dissanayaka.


Extrogene Software is a Sri Lankan tech Startup founded by Ruwan Dissanayaka and Thushara Rankothge. Following TADHack 2014, Lankan Angel Network (LAN) funded the company. Its main product is a one-of-a-kind ecommerce website-, which empowers both merchants and customers island wide.

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