Blog’s ‘Top Ads’ and ‘Daily Bump Ups’ Speeds Sellers Chances, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace ensures Sellers receive maximum visibility for their products through novel paid promotions such as ‘Top Ad’ and ‘Daily Bump Up’ achieving greater sales and a seamless payment process for both.


Having more than 200,000 ads on the platform at any given point of time, also offers promotional options such as ‘Top Ad’ and ‘Daily Bump Up’ to help Sellers’ listed advertisements gain more prominence and exposure. For a nominal fee, advertisers are able to ‘Promote’ their ads to attract more buyers, leading to faster sales among’s ever-growing customer base.


Top Ads always appear among the top two listings of each category and will be bigger in size and highlighted in yellow for greater visibility. Each Top Ad is given an equal chance of being shown in the Top Ad spots assuring of thousands of extra views, every day, for up to 15 days.


The Daily Bump Up option moves the Seller’s advertisement to the top of the regular ad listings daily for up to 15 days. As a result, the ‘Bump Up’ advertisements automatically appear as a newly posted ad every day attracting upto five times more views.


Sellers who wish to stand out and reach interested buyers more quickly, when selecting the ‘post your ad now’, will be directed to the payment page. They can then select Top Ad or Bump Up promotions enabling them to sell their products faster.


Additionally, the single payment option also ensures sellers receive a quicker response for their ads. An online payment will ensure the ad is published and promoted immediately after review approval while an offline payment will be reviewed and approved accordingly.


Commenting on the promotional offers, Elmo Shanmugam, Marketing Manager said, “As Sri Lanka’s fastest growing online marketplace, understands the importance of helping sellers achieve visibility and prominence. Our promotional offers of ‘Top Ad’ and ‘Daily Bump Up’ contribute to attract thousands of buyers easily and are an excellent way to sell items quickly. Sellers receive more views and have access to a wider interested audience. The single payment process for both options is another benefit enjoyed by sellers.”

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