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12 Aug The Legend of Leica

The art of snapshot photography - capturing a moment as it happens in still image - is more prevalent now than ever before. Today, we’re all photographers. The blur between everyday people, fashion photographers and photo journalists ever deepens, as we capture our #OOTD (outfit... READ MORE
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04 Aug CDS launches Online Service

Bringing a new dimension to investors and traders, the Central Depository System (Pvt) Ltd (CDS) launched CDS e-connect, a secure electronic business portal that offers an array of online services to CDS account holders.   With CDS e-connect, account holders have the ability to access... READ MORE
OfferHut Releases Android App
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03 Aug OfferHut Releases Android App

OfferHut, an e-commerce website that connects merchants and their offers with customers based on their location has released an Android App to facilitate easier access to consumer deals.   The OfferHut android application, which is an user-friendly UI that allows easy search and find offers... READ MORE