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24 Feb, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace, unveiled a new category recently ensuring customers have an enhanced level of convenience when seeking to pre-book an apartment.’s new classification ‘New Developments’ under its main category ‘Property’ provides customers looking to purchase a new unit either…

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13 Feb iTelaSoft’s MVP- Indaka Raigama

One of Sri Lanka’s cutting-edge tech companies– iTelaSoft recently announced its second consecutive year of rapid growth following the entry of Indaka Raigama, the former Chief Executive Officer of Navantis as its CEO.   Indaka Raigama has a unique track record of setting teams and…

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20 Jan Records Robust Growth in 2017 Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace, the preferred website for buyers and sellers to transact almost anything, showcased strong robust growth for 2017 according to data recently released by the company.   Demonstrating the site has achieved more Internet market share this year, recorded…