Stack – It’s all about the base


Android has a ton of great casual games out there. There are some really talented developers and designers who do some great work creating some great games and giving it out for free. Stack is one of those games.


It is a pretty simple premise, really. A block slides across the screen and you have to tap the screen to have it land on a base that is already there. If you tap correctly, and the block aligns exactly with the one underneath it, then it sits there, forms the new base, and the next block slides in. If you are off by a bit, whichever bit of the top block hangs over the base is cut off and the rest remains. This makes your base smaller, and the incoming blocks smaller as well, to match your current base. This makes it a bit harder to match blocks, and so the game continues until you miss stacking one block on top of the other.


The goal is of course, to build the tallest tower you can, which sounds easy, but it isn’t really. Your eyes keep playing tricks on you, and your trigger finger gets over anxious. If you do, however, start getting into your groove mid game and match the blocks correctly several times in a row, the base starts to widen, giving you a better chance.


It appears that the key is to not use your eyes. Gamezebo has some good advice which improved my block game quite a bit: “Use your eyes less and use your inner rhythm to make towers in Stack. Your eyes can and will cheat you. Though it looks like aiming for the center of the tower so you can create something as tall as possible is a good idea, it’s often better to attempt a rhythm rather than being hasty. You have all the time in the world to aim the next piece, and you’re not going to lose your place if you don’t tap as soon as humanly possible. Just keep up with a rhythm and you’ll find yourself building up towers quicker than you previously thought possible.”


I found that keeping a rhythm with my foot helped a lot.


Screen2The more you play, the more stars you collect. You can use the stars to unlock new kinds of blocks like Jelly, Gold and Retro, if you are feeling adventurous. The only annoying thing is the ads, which pop up after every game. But hey, the game is free, so I can live with a few ads.


The game is rather attractive, with lovely gradients of colour and minimalist sound effects. It is pleasing to watch the blocks stack up on each other, and even kind of fun to watch the blocks get clipped off. There’s a lot to say for good design, and Stack certainly is designed well. This game is great for children or for when you need a short break from the jungle that is your day job.


Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.



Andre Howson

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