Starting a business? Try Flare by GoDaddy


Starting a business is no easy task. You need to have drive, talent, persistence, belief and really good ideas. Your idea may be the next Facebook, or it may be the perfect self-cooking hot dog (that one even Tony Stark would ignore.) Sometimes what you need is good, honest feedback. People who can tell you what they think of your idea, and whether they would use it. This is what Flare aims to do.


Launched on the 26th of May, this app lets you create a business idea and ask other users yes or no questions about the idea that will help you understand whether there is a market for your product or not. For example, you could ask users whether they would pay Rs. 400 for an all-day gourmet vegan kottu delivery service (hey, there is nothing wrong with healthy kottu for breakfast). Other users can see your ideas and answer yes or no, giving you pretty valuable feedback without you having to go out on the streets hunting for it.


Strangely enough, Flare was developed by the team at GoDaddy, the domain registering site that’s both experienced in the industry and highly controversial. GoDaddy provides domain registration, email hosting, and website creation and is often the first stop for small businesses looking to create a presence online. According to the company, customers calling their support line would frequently pitch them ideas and ask for feedback. GoDaddy saw an opportunity to create a community where these customers and entrepreneurs can connect with others like them, and even investors, to get feedback on their business. So, Flare was born.


The main page of the app has three ideas that you can swipe left to ignore or right to indicate interest. If more than 10 people indicate interest, it becomes popular and users can answer the questions asked by the entrepreneur.




The app will also tell you what business ideas were submitted from entrepreneurs in your area. That is a pretty cool feature if you want to connect with businesses around you.


Flare will also verify certain users in the community, users like CEOs and well known businesspeople, to give them standing and credibility in the community and increase the value of the feedback users get.


The idea is a great one, and would be extremely valuable for entrepreneurs; that is if the community gets going. It would be a great tool for Sri Lankan startups to experiment with ideas before fine tuning them to the market here. It would help with developing a business plan for investors as well, since the startup community here is still young and investors are quite risk averse. So far, Flare has no connection with GoDaddy’s services, though the more startups there are, the better for GoDaddy. Though the company could potentially connect GoDaddy’s services with Flare in the future.


Right now Flare is available only on the Apple App Store but could come to the Google Play Store in a month.


Andre Howson


June 11, 2016

Apps, Reviews